Somewhere along the Pacific Coast

Somewhere along the Pacific Coast


A bit about me…

Proactive, versatile and adaptable, I have a knack for progressive thinking. I make your brand stand out by blending in while remaining original. I believe uniqueness is the ability to be authentic and to stay true to your brand, and I apply this principle to my digital marketing approach.


What I did so far…

Managed up to 50 digital marketing properties (alone!) including social media platforms, websites and blogs.

Successfully led digital marketing initiatives for multiple businesses and entrepreneurs.

Implemented systems in which I generated leads who became new clients for recruitment firms (speaking about ROI!).

What I do now…

✔️digital marketing strategy
✔️social media strategy
✔️content strategy
✔️content creation
✔️community building
✔️community management
✔️online advertising

Fun Facts…

  1. When I was 12 I wanted to be a psychologist.

  2. At 17, my dream job was to open my own restaurant.

  3. At 18, I had a taste of the digital world and its power. At 20, I had my first paid gig as a digital partner and here I am 8 years later (who would have thought?).

  4. I have 2 sisters who also work in the same field (speaking of a dynamic trio!).

  5. If you really ask me, season 4 of Chef's table is my favorite one. Sweet is better than salty, all the way.