Somewhere along the Pacific Coast

Somewhere along the Pacific Coast


A bit about me…

Proactive, versatile and adaptable, I have a knack for progressive thinking. I make your brand stand out by blending in while remaining original. I believe uniqueness is the ability to be authentic and to stay true to your brand, and I apply this principle to my digital marketing approach.


What I did so far…

Managed more than 35+ social media properties, 6 blogs, 4 websites, many newsletters and...that's nothing compared to branding websites and visual identities from scratch that create impact and inspire trust. Also, implementing systems in which I was able to generate actual leads for partners through strategic planning in a sustainable way (speaking about investments returns!).


What I do now…

✔️digital marketing strategy
✔️social media strategy
✔️content strategy
✔️content creation
✔️community building
✔️community management
✔️online advertising
✔️search engine optimization (SEO)
✔️search engine marketing (SEM)
✔️blog management
✔️website optimization
✔️email marketing

Fun Facts…

  1. When I was 12 I wanted to be a psychologist.
  2. At 17, my dream job was to open my own restaurant.
  3. At 18, I had a taste of the digital world and its power. At 20, I had my first paid gig as a digital partner and here I am 8 years later (who would have thought?).
  4. I have 2 sisters who also work in the same field (speaking of a dynamic trio!).
  5. If you really ask me, season 4 of Chef's table is my favorite one. Sweet is better than salty, all the way.